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The following pages contain information that cover the basic principles that govern Dallas 8 Ball League, herein referred to as DEL, league policy and guidelines.


BCA Rules apply in 8 Ball, 9 Ball and 10 Ball

The purpose of this manual is to make both player and captain aware of the principles that guide decisions – not to establish such stringent rules and regulations that we become inflexible to the member players that will help DEL become a strong and viable league.

I ask that everyone no matter how involved you become with the DEL to keep in mind a few simple guiding principles; 

  • The game of pool is won and lost on the table.
  • That everyone deserves an opportunity to play.
  • To be flexible, patient and tolerant of the various pool playing personalities that players exhibit on & off the table.
  • Not every league decision made would be the decision that you might have made under similar circumstances. Try to be understanding!
  • That tomorrow is another day and with that day comes another pool playing opportunity.

As always your input is welcome!



FORFEITS: Match Play: Matches must begin within 20 minutes of the designated start time or at a start time agreed upon by both captains of the teams in question or the match will be considered a forfeit. Forfeit Match Points – In the event a match is forfeited – Both teams are required to pay their weekly fees. The team receiving the forfeit win will receive their average number of wins and loses based on that teams best 6 week average OR the team receiving the forfeit win will receive the average that all other teams in the league attained versus the forfeiting team, the calculation will be added to the teams standings two weeks before the conclusion of league play. The team receiving the forfeit loss will receive a zero point total to count as their official match score. Note on individual players missing from the match: If a player is on the roster but not present for their game, then subsequent games may be completed up and through the 2nd round. The by-passed game(s) beyond the second round will be considered a forfeit.  A forfeit will not be awarded if the team the unable to field a team at the appointed match time contacts the opposing team captain 24 hours in advance and arrangements are made scheduled a rematch. If a match is not rescheduled it will be considered a forfeit by the team responsible for the cancelled match.

BYE MATCHES: Divisions with an uneven number of teams. The league office when creating a schedule will do its very best in establishing an equal number of byes for each team. Based on the number of teams and weeks available, it may be inevitable that some teams have an extra bye week. Over a 10 to 12 week schedule and because team standings are based on an average winning percentage; the bye week discrepancy will have little to no impact on a teams overall standing. Teams that receive an additional bye will receive their best 6 match average prior to the end of the schedule.

Teams quitting before session end: A). If 50% or less of a division has played the team in question, all points will be removed from all teams and any fees paid by will stay the players prize fund and will be distributed according to the established year end payout system; or, B). If more than 50% of the league has played the team in question then all teams will retain their points and the other teams having yet to play the team in question will receive the average number of team points, wins and loses based on the divisions average.

Penalty for a team quitting: If a team quits a session after their second week of active play but before the end of the playoff session. The Team Captain will be held responsible for all team fees and membership fees not received by the team for the period of time the team was active in the league.

MEMBERSHIP DUES: The DEL is a BCAPL sanctioned league operation offering regional and national membership benefits provided by the BCAPL. DEL league memberships consist of a $10 membership registration fee and a $10 BCAPL membership fee. Your league membership must be paid before a player competes in his or her second match. It is the captain’s responsibility to collect all new player memberships. Any player who plays and subsequently quits the league without paying their membership dues will have all points associated with the player in question removed. Players can join the league up to and through the 6th week of play unless as exemption has been given for good cause. The following membership schedule applies to all DEL league players. DEL and BCAPL Memberships & Renewals: DEL $10.00 at the beginning of each new league session, Fall 8 Ball and Summer 9 or 10 Ball and  BCAPL $10.00 once a year providing member for the entire calendar year.

WEEKLY TEAM FEES: Team fees must be paid immediately following league night. It is the captain’s responsibility to collect and forward all fees to the DEL league operator in a timely manner. Teams will be given a “warning of notice” if team fees are not received immediately following league play. One warning is given, allowing the team in question to include all fees due to be paid immediately following the week in question. If team fees are not collected within one week of such notice given, then the team in question may be placed on league probation status and receive a 1 point deduction from their teams win column. Teams and or players delinquent in fees owed are ineligible to compete in any divisional play until all fees are current.

PLAYER AND TEAM ELIGIBILITY: Players must play a minimum of 4 weeks in division play to be eligible to play in divisional playoffs, must have played a minimum of 6 weeks to be eligible to play in regional qualifying tournaments, and must have played a minimum of 7 weeks to be eligible to play in championship tournament competition. Players must have played a minimum of 8 weeks (including division play and any post-division play) to be eligible to play in national tournament competition. There are NO EXEMPTIONS to national tournament qualification guidelines.

UNSPORTSMANSHIP LIKE BEHAVIOR: The DEL is very particular about its membership behavior on & off the felt, especially if it impacts the league, league players or others in a negative way. Players should be diplomatic in how they relate to individuals that exhibit unsportsmanship like behavior. Players confronted with such behavior should speak with their team captain to address such behavior with the other team captain, players then should make a formal written complaint on the back of their teams score sheet. Players who receive a written complaint against them will be contacted by the league office to discuss such behavior. Players that receive a second written complaint will be contacted by the league office and based on the facts and outcome of such conversation may receive a suspension of up to two weeks of league play. A third complaint may result in a more serious temporary or permanent probation from league play. Any physical contact involving any league player with be dealt with very severely with possible legal ramifications.

SCORE KEEPING: Teams should designate a scorekeeper at the beginning of each weeks match. An assistant scorekeeper should be designated while the scorekeeper is shooting their respective games. Each games score should be documented and cross-checked with the opposing teams scorekeeper BEFORE the table is cleared or racked for the next game. At the end of each round, scorekeepers should compare game & player points to ensure accuracy. All discrepancies must be corrected BEFORE additional games are played. If teams cannot agree on the score of a game then the game in question MUST BE REPLAYED. Both teams will be required to accept the outcome of the replayed match without further protest. Team Captains are responsible for proper scorekeeping.

CAPTAINS RESPONSIBILITY: Those responsibilities include; collecting weekly fees (late fees may result in a 1 point deduction from a teams win column), score sheets and memberships on time, accurately filling in the score sheet including date, team name, and players names; staying abreast of league rules, keeping players informed of league activities listed on the weekly standings sheet, maintaining control of their teams behavior and informing the league office of any situation that impacts the league in any negative way.

EQUIPMENT – CUE BALL USE RULE: When a regulation size & weight cue ball is available for use, then that regulation size cue-ball must be the ball in which the match is played in order NOT to provide players with an unfair advantage or disadvantage. TABLE USE RULE: It is the host sites choice as to what tables are used in league play.

AWARD & PAYOUT POLICY: Teams who are eligible to receive a cash awards for league play will receive their awards two week after the final match of the session or championship competition that corresponds with the session in which the awards were earned.

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